WEIS STUE is one of Denmark's oldest and most beautiful inns, in the oldest town of Denmark: R I B E

The house is half-timbered and dates back to year 1600. The interior is still the original from 1704 with decorated ceilings,
Dutch tin-glazed earthenware, panel walls decorated with biblical subjects - a more than about 400 year old baptismal dish.


The inn has a good kitchen with a large choise of classical courses.

Cosy patio where also the locals meet for a glas of beer.


The night watchman starts his round from
Weis Stue from May-October
and week 7 og 13

11.02.-16.02.:  20 hrs
25.03.-01.04.:  20 hrs
01.05.-31.05.:  20 hrs
01.06.-31.08.:  20 og 22 hrs
01.09.-30.09.:  20 hrs
01.10.-19.10.:  20 hrs

Duration: 35-45 mins
Free / no entry